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5 Easy Podcast Recording Tips For Beginners

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This week on Ultimate Podcast Marketing I’m giving you five easy beginner podcast recording tips to make your audio sound awesome. The tech setup is overwhelming at first, but by following these simple steps you’ll begin to feel comfortable with recording, which means more amazing podcast content!

Remember, practice makes perfect, and it’s truly a practice that will help you get better and better at recording your podcast as you go.

I’m kicking off this episode with a letter from a listener who is just getting started with her podcast, and answering her questions about microphone best practices, then I will get even deeper into my 5 easy podcast recording tips for beginners!

A letter from Stephanie Lear:

Hey Emily

So I’ve totally gotten to the stage where I’m slightly panicking about committing myself to this podcast. I keep listening to episodes of your podcast which are very encouraging so thank you for that!!

I recorded a first episode by myself and I just used the mic on my phone but when I went to edit the pieces all together I can definitely notice the differences in the sound throughout. That will be better when I have a mic but I wondered if you had any advice for me until I get  a mic later this month. For these interviews I planned on using Zencaster.

The editing wasn’t easy either the first time around. By the time it was ‘done’ I was exhausted and it needed to be done.

I’m hoping later next week I’ll have 2-3 episodes complete so I can launch it.



Hey Stephanie!

Wow 2-3 eps already? That’s amazing! Congratulations!

Generally with any mic you want to keep the environment and the delivery consistent. So if you’re recording into your phone, keep it in one place with the mic facing you. Keep your own position the same throughout so that you have a consistent tonal quality.

For interviews, make sure you have your headphones on, the mic in your headphones will be better than your computer mic. Bluetooth microphones aren’t good though so stay wired where possible.

Editing can be tough at first but you’ll get the hang of it quickly, in the app you’re using see if there’s a quick key cheat sheet somewhere online to make the workflow faster.

Good luck with your podcast!

Here are my top 5 easy podcast recording tips for beginners:

  1. Write and practice key talking points
  2. Record in a room with lot of soft fabrics, or pick up a mic shield to absorb some of the “echoey” sound.
  3. Look for the logo on your mic
  4. Record and listen to an audio test
  5. Record short chunks and edit as you record

Now of course I’m going to get even more detailed about these tips in the episode, so make sure you subscribe to Ultimate Podcast Marketing wherever you listen to podcasts! But as a quick sneak peek, I just want to remind you that quality and polish will come over time, especially as you are starting a podcast and learning how everything works! Don‘t put too much pressure on yourself to get started, and when you need a refresh, just come back to this episode!

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