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Defining Your Podcast Niche

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Ever heard someone say, “my podcast is for anyone and everyone?” Well this episode of Ultimate Podcast Marketing is going to totally debunk that, and help you figure out how to define your podcast niche with the help of my amazing client Jessica Alex, host of the Boss Up Your Brand podcast!

Jessica Alex is the founder of Jessica Alex Marketing, a boutique agency that is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs shine both on and offline. She helps her clients become clear on their brand message, and creates marketing strategies to propel their business to the next level by using her expertise in branding, content marketing and public relations. Jessica Alex works with her clients so that they can build their own community, build trust with their audience, and look their very best.

What is it like to launch a podcast?

Jessica shared some of the details about her recent podcast launch, and some of the challenges she was able to overcome. When it finally came time to get the podcast over the finish line, relying on her accountability buddies on Instagram was the key factor!

How to define a podcast niche

Jessica recommends to narrow your focus by starting with demographics, and then getting deeper into the lifestyle of your audience. So if your current audience is women, are they moms? Do they live in a house or a cabin? What kind of car do they drive, if they drive one at all?

Then, she always recommends her clients look at what already exists. If you’ve been building an audience for a while now for a business, you may have a specific audience niche already – but you’ll have to listen to find out more!

Why do you need to define a podcast niche?

At the end of the day, Jessica says that if you’re trying to serve 20 million different people, you’re probably just going to blend in with 20 million other people that are trying to do the same thing. By defining your podcast niche and understanding who your audience is, you can set yourself apart from the crowd and connect with the people that LOVE what you’re podcasting about!


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