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How A Mom + Daughter Duo Created A Kids Music Podcast

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In this episode of Ultimate Podcast Marketing I talk with Rebecca and Zara Lane, co-hosts of Kids Q The Music, and we talk about how to make your creative podcasting vision come true through unique guests, sound effects, and special segments!

Rebecca Lane (Zara’s mom) is the owner of the Upper Beaches Music school in Toronto. Around this time last year we started talking about how she could use a podcast to reach more students around the world, and offer music lessons beyond her geographic area.

A podcast was her vision to make that happen!

Rebecca was the first person to sign up for my course Podcast Rocket in May of 2020, and with a lot of hard work and creative brainstorming, she and her daughter Zara came up with a fun and engaging way to explore classical music, from a kid’s perspective.

Since launching the podcast they’ve had MEGA success, even being featured in The New York Times! So cool!

AND as a special bonus, we even play their signature game Pasta or Composer at the end of this episode!

Listen in to learn:

  • How Rebecca came up with the idea for Kids Q The Music
  • What the amazing results have been so far
  • How Rebecca and Zara got creative with their ideas to create a fun and engaging show for their audience

Learn more about Rebecca and Zara:

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