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How to Add A Podcast Transcript to Buzzsprout

by | Podcast Resources

Hey! It’s Emily with The Ultimate Creative and host of the Ultimate Podcast Marketing Podcast and in this video I’m showing you how to add a podcast transcript to BuzzSprout!

In this tutorial I use Descript to create the podcast transcript and then I export it as a Word doc. Descript allows you to add time stamps and speaker labels, which formats it exactly how BuzzSprout likes.

Once you’ve created your transcript, head to the episode you want to add it to in BuzzSprout and click “add transcript”. BuzzSprout will give you the option to add your podcast transcript by copy and pasting, or by uploading an SRT file. Choose the option to copy and paste.

Next, copy all of the content from your word doc and then paste it into the BuzzSprout transcript text area. Click save and you’re good to go!

And that’s it! Make sure you subscribe to my channel for more podcast tutorial videos like this, and check out my podcast Ultimate Podcast Marketing for more podcaster content!

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