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How To Pitch Yourself To Podcasts

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Are you trying to get more visibility but have no idea how to pitch yourself to podcasts? Are your cold pitch templated emails just making podcasters mad? Then you need to listen to this episode of The Ultimate Creative to hear how Podcast Visibility Strategist, Elizabeth Krajewski can help you ditch the cold pitch and build intentional relationships so that you can grow your audience by being on other podcasts!

Elizabeth shares her creative journey, and how working in podcast management eventually led her to podcast visibility strategy, which allows her to feel truly fulfilled and creative. How? It’s in the details.

Elizabeth doesn’t just write a cold pitch and send it to hundreds and hundreds of podcasts that have nothing to do with her clients. Heck no! Because that’s annoying and podcasters hate it! Instead, she does the research. She dives deep into her client’s mission and purpose, and aligns them with podcasts that have audiences who will get a lot of value out of hearing from them.

The best advice when pitching yourself to podcasts:

Elizabeth says to “come up with one topic for your pitch, and format it the way the podcaster normally formats their episode titles. Because that way, they're going to envision you on the podcast already.”

And of course Elizabeth also shares what you should include in a package when you pitch yourself to podcasts, as well as a very awesome FREE podcast guesting strategy guide which you can grab from the links below!

About Elizabeth:

As a podcast visibility strategist Elizabeth Krajewski is on a mission to elevate female entrepreneurs’ voices so they can inspire and engage with more clients through their podcast interviews. Whether she’s researching relevant podcasts to pitch her clients to or working on topics that amplify her client’s voices, she uses her experience and network to provide her clients an unforgettable experience.

Elizabeth knows that in order to land podcast interviews that convert for her clients she needs to lead with value and build genuine connections. When she's not working with her clients or being active in her local community, she loves to explore new travel destinations, check out local restaurants with her partner, or curl up with a good book that usually includes a cat snuggled next to her.

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