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Why Show Notes Matter with Valeska Griffiths

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You write ‘em, you slack on ‘em, and then ya forget about ‘em. I’m talking about SHOW NOTES! And why show notes matter! And how to write show notes for your podcast that convert listeners into clients! And I’m joined by my guest Valeska Griffiths, the new Copy Chief at The Ultimate Creative!

“Don’t treat show notes as a book report, treat them as an ad.”
– Valeska Griffiths, Copy Chief, The Ultimate Creative

Meet Valeska, Copy Chief

In addition to being the co-creator of the Anatomy of a Scream Pod Squad, made up of delicious, bite-sized, limited series horror podcasts by creators identifying as women, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and members of the disability community. She is the co-host of a podcast all about the super juicy show Riverdale called Milkshakes and Mimosas, she’s the founder of the Anatomy Of A Scream, a queer-positive horror site that offers reviews and analyses with an intersectional feminist perspective. AND, she’s the founder and executive editor of Grim, an independent, biannual digital and print journal that showcases the voices of women, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC writers and creators.

Valeska and I met when I was releasing my indie horror film Impossible Horror a few years ago, and she featured me in her magazine Grim with an interview about the musical score I wrote. From there I discovered that she’s also a super talented copywriter, and she wrote a number of blogs for The Ultimate Creative when I was just getting started!

So obviously when I started developing a more robust podcast production offering, it made perfect sense for her to join in as the Copy Chief, writing show notes, captions, emails and social posts for the super amazing podcasters on The Ultimate Creative’s roster!

Copywriting and podcasting, a perfect match!

Valeska’s copywriting journey began when a friend asked her to take over a few clients while he ventured off to support a Bernie Sanders campaign years ago. Through her passion projects like Anatomy of a Scream and Grim (the magazine) she soon got into podcasting as a way to highlight and share the perspectives of creators that identify as women, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and members of the disability community.

That turned into the Anatomy Of A Scream Pod Squad! A network dedicated to all things horror from perspectives that are seriously under-represented in the genre (and let’s face it, on planet earth).

Through her podcast network (co-founded by Joe Lipsett) she provides new podcasters with resources like guest speakers, mentors, templates, tutorials and best practices along with marketing and promos for the short-run shows in the network’s feed. And of course, the reason you’re here today, she also created an amazing show notes template!

Guess what, you can download that in the form below! And, we tell you exactly how to use it in this episode!

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Here’s how to write show notes for your podcast!

This template is really clear and straightforward, which is great for entrepreneurs who are already totally time strapped. It’s especially great if you’re feeling lost and really just want to know how to write show notes for your podcast.

We also discuss what you might be missing out on if you don’t write show notes with a template like this, AND, how you can use the content within the template to create more content for more channels! Like emails, blog posts, social media captions, lead magnets, SO MANY THINGS!

This episode is PACKED with info about how to write show notes for your podcast, and other great ways to grow your audience. We also make a lot of silly jokes. #ENTERTAINMENT!


  • 00:40 Intro to Valeska
  • 02:25 Valeska’s copywriting origin story
  • 04:14 How Valeska got into podcasting
  • 08:05 Anatomy of a Scream Podcasting Network
  • 09:40 Elevating voices, perspectives and passions of LGBTQ+, BIPOC and women in horror though podcasting
  • 12:50 Limited series podcasts and seasons (and a Buzzsprout affiliate link)
  • 15:20 Creating a podcast network with resources to grow
  • 17:40 Show Notes Template & how to use it
  • 19:30 Show Notes Template & Guide – download it here!
  • 20:40 Creating chapter markers in Buzzsprout
  • 23:18 Show Notes best practices
  • 26:00 Plugs!

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Why Show Notes Matter with Valeska Griffiths

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