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#Hustle Free Entrepreneurship with Christy Cegelski

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Have you been sucked into the #hustle and #grind of entrepreneurship? Is your creativity being compromised because you’re working all the time? Well my friend, this episode is for YOU.

This week on The Ultimate Creative Podcast I’m talking with Christy Cegelski, host of the podcast Captivate + Convert about how she started her copywriting business, what it was like to develop (and stick to) boundaries within the business, and how she uses her podcast as a way to support the core mission of her business – to help more women achieve wealth, success, and independence, and to do it in a sustainable way.

“Sometimes I do that by creating email funnels so my clients can automate their sales process and save time. And sometimes I have a guest on the podcast to talk about how to address and managing anxiety, because you can't effectively run your business if you're having panic attacks every day. To me, success isn't just about how much money you make. It's about really the quality of life. So the way I see it, both of those quote unquote ‘services’ align with my core mission.” – Christy Cegelski

Tune into this episode to hear:

  • How Christy’s copywriting business came to be, and how it has evolved to match her lifestyle over time
  • Christy’s motivation to create content that empowers her listeners to not do "all the things,” but to find satisfaction in what they love instead
  • Christy’s top 3 non-negotiables to having a successfully stress-free business?

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