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If Your Podcast Doesn’t Have These 3 Things, No One’s Gonna Listen!

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If your podcast doesn’t have these 3 things, nobody is going to listen!

Today I dropped 3 key things your podcast absolutely needs to get more (or any) listeners.

👉 A Point – If no one knows why they should tune in, they won’t.

👉 Gear – You didn’t invest in a microphone or audio equipment, recorded on your computer mic, let every which way sound come crashing through your podcast’s existence

👉 A Marketing Plan & Distribution – You didn’t share the podcast with anyone

If you’re thinking about starting a podcast, this is definitely an episode to check out, because these are really the key elements of your podcast, and it’s a great teaser for my course Podcast Rocket where I give you the exact steps to accomplish all of this successfully!

If you already have a podcast, I’d highly recommend tuning in for a refresher, so that you know you’re taking the right steps to get the right ears listening into your podcast!

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