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Kids Q The Music

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Today Kids Q The Music with Rebecca Lane and Zara Lane goes live! And I’m so excited to be part of this amazing kids podcast because it brings me back to my childhood, learning music from my mom, and the super cool narrative cassette tapes about famous composers I’d listen to every night. The Magic Flute anyone? No? Just me? Trust me, this podcast is amazing.

About The Podcast

Rebecca Lane and daughter Zara Lane of Upper Beaches Music School talk to musical performers, conductors, composers, and kids like you to ask them the questions you've always wondered. Classical music is for everyone (especially kids!) and it's interesting and fun when you ask the right questions.

What To Expect

Rebecca and Zara interview musicians, composers and conductors, learning about different types of classical music My favourite so far is Animal Sounds with Rezan – we learn that baroque violins use “guts” as strings! With a lot of fun and exciting sound effects (maybe they’re more for me than for the kids… maybe!) the podcast is an engaging way to keep your kids entertained while they learn about music!

What I Love About it

I seriously love that Rebecca and Zara are a mother daughter team on a mission to make music fun for kids! Truly, it takes me back to my young little youthful years, learning piano from my own mom! And maybe it’s just the ADHDer in me, but the fun energy really appeals to me!

Can’t wait to hear more from Kids Q The Music!

Download Kids Q The Music wherever you get your podcasts! Find more at and follow Rebecca on Instagram @upperbeachesmusic

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