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My Top 5 Podcasting Tools

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Today I’m sharing my top 5 podcasting tools!

1. Descript

Descript is so neat. It will auto transcribe your episodes, using AI! And then you can edit your audio AND video within Descript by deleting text from the transcript to remove or rearrange clips!

For example you can delete a chunk of audio where you’re fumbling and you need to repeat yourself because you’re not quite sure what you were supposed to say, and you need to restart. You can highlight the text, hit, delete, and then it’s just it’s gone! It’s out of there! You can cross fade it in and out, you can add an empty space, so it doesn’t sound totally unnatural, they have thought of everything!

There is a free version up to three hours so that you can try this out, but it’s very cheap (around $15 bucks a month) compared to whole bunch of other editing apps that are out there.

It’s a super cool app. 100%. Check it out.

2. Headliner

Headliner makes audiograms! Everyone’s always asking me, “how do you make those audiograms? They’re so cool with the little sound waves!” That’s Headliner!

Headliner can also give you a transcript of your short little clips, so you can create videos with karaoke style captions, with the words highlighting as the person is saying them.⁠

You can add in your own brand colours, you can add in your own pictures, your logo, it’s very customizable. AND, it’s free up to 10 video downloads per month!

Check out Headliner here!

3. Adobe Audition

The next app that I use all the time is part of the Adobe Creative Suite, it’s called Audition. This app is a little bit more advanced, but if you need more functionality and advanced effects, AND you already have access to Adobe Creative Suite, then you might want to check it out.

It has pretty much everything you would possibly need for podcast editing, and then some. My favourite plugin is the Denoiser, which is very helpful when, for example, the fridge is humming throughout your entire recording.

My fridge is always humming.

Adobe Audition does a really good job of getting sounds like that out.

It has a lot more advanced features as well, so if you’re ready to level up, that is a very good app to try.

Check out Adobe Audition here!

4. GarageBand

If you’re using a Mac, another app that I really love is called GarageBand. It’s free on Mac OS. You can edit your podcasts, you can write music with it, it’s actually how I learned to edit audio! So check that one out if you have a Mac, it is a very straightforward piece of software that you can use.

If you’re on a PC, of course you can try Audacity, but it’s a little bit more old school and I’m not really sure if it’s as easy to figure out as something like GarageBand or Descript.

Check out GarageBand here!

5. SoundCloud

The last one that I’ll share today is called SoundCloud, which is where I host my podcast. SoundCloud, will take my audio file and push it to all of the different podcast apps and libraries that I’ve submitted my RSS feed to.

This means I’m able to say, “download wherever you get your podcasts!” And that’s how it works!

When I set up SoundCloud, it provides me with an RSS feed that I submit to Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify etc. Then, every week I will upload my new episode into SoundCloud, and SoundCloud will automatically push the episode through to these other apps.

SoundCloud also has really good analytics and it’s very reasonable for the price. It’s around $20 bucks Canadian a month. Very good tool for getting your podcasts out there.

Check out SoundCloud here!

What do you use?

These are my top five! I’d love to hear which podcast tools you like to use! Drop a comment below and share your favourites!

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