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Podcast Seasons vs Weekly Episodes

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How do you pick between podcast seasons or weekly episodes? Which one makes the most sense?

As always, start with your goal. Is your goal to present content that naturally falls into seasons or themes, or times of year? Or is it to grow your brand or following? You may have an entirely different goal for your podcast and that’s cool too. These tips will help you figure out which one is right for you!

Podcast Seasons

Podcast seasons are best used in situations where the content focuses on one story at a time. A great example would be the true crime podcast Serial, which focuses on one unsolved murder per season. Many true crime podcasts are like that! Other examples could be fictional audio dramas like Limetown, which operate more like TV shows.

For business owners, if your business naturally has seasons to it, you might consider going seasonal. This could be appropriate for a garden centre, some tourism industries, situations like that. I’d still caution away from this approach though, because your goal will likely be to build your presence, and that’s pretty hard to do if you’re not showing up consistently for your audience.

Weekly Episodes

Weekly episodes are perfect for topical podcasts that cover current events, like news commentary or political shows.

For business owners and creatives that are focused on creating a consistent presence for brand awareness, weekly episodes are the way to go. Not only does it remind your audience that you’re there every single week, but it also help you to consistently create content for everything else you’re working on promoting!

How To Pick

If your goal is to create consistent content and grow your brand, definitely go weekly.

If your goal is to work on a less rigorous timeline or if your subject matter naturally fits into seasons, go seasonal.

Still unsure? Leave a comment and tell me what’s holding you back! We can figure it out together!

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