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Productivity Mindset for Entrepreneurs with Lianne Kim

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Today we’re talking about creating a productivity mindset for entrepreneurs with Lianne Kim, business coach and founder of the online community Mamas & Co.

Lianne and I have worked together for the last two years on her podcast, her websites, and some videos as well, and last year she became my business coach! I recently took her course “How To Be Productive For Mamapreneurs”.

Now, if you’ve been listening, you know I’m not a parent yet, BUT, the productivity mindset tools Lianne shares can be applied to literally any entrepreneur. Plus, there’s a very effective meditation you can download and practice every day that helps you build time creating habits that stick!

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The Entrepreneurial Journey

Lianne began her entrepreneurial journey after many years in sales. After she became a mother, she felt a pull to connect with other mamapreneurs, to share business strategies, parenting while entrepreneur…ing help, or just to have a glass of wine! This quickly turned into Mamas & Co., which is now an international community of seriously cool business owners who also happen to be moms.

Free Content Strategies

Lianne shares her theories around free content and why it’s important to include this in a strategic sales funnel. By providing potential clients with content (like her podcast, The Business of Thinking Big) she’s creating a direct line in to what it’s like to work with her as a business coach.

The Productivity Mindset

She also shares her favourite content productivity tips, and how to get more done by switching to podcasting! Her number one strategy? Batch recording and batch production.

Listen to the full episode to learn how she stays productive!

Links mentioned in this episode:

  • Lianne Kim’s Website:
  • Mamas & Co. Website:
  • The Business Of Thinking Big Podcast:
  • How To Be Productive Mini Course:
  • Live With Purpose Planner:
Productivity Mindset for Entrepreneurs

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