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The Super Cool Secret Reasons You Should Have A Podcast

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If you’ve been listening to Ultimate Podcast Marketing for a while and don’t have a podcast yet, I want this to be the episode that takes you to the next level! I know a lot of listeners feel like maybe they’ll get to it eventually but the time isn’t quite right yet, or maybe there’s some sort of belief that whatever you want to talk about isn’t important. I know because I felt that, and still feel that. 47 episodes in, and I still feel that.

But if you don’t have a podcast yet, and you want to start one, you’re missing out on all the amazing things that go along with having one – the secret, hidden bonus reasons that only podcasters get to experience! And I want to help you get off the sidelines today and feel totally empowered to have your own podcast, with a list of reasons why you should have a podcast that you never knew existed!

1. You get to meet and talk to people that were previously off-limits.

My coaching client Wendy Wei, host of the Pexels podcast OverExposed has had the opportunity to interview so many famous, international photographers since starting her podcast! Wendy works at Pexels which is a stock photography site that you’ve probably come across if you’re in marketing. It’s one of the original free image sites we all got a picture from at one time or another! Wendy started as a marketing intern, working on social media.

She decided to start her podcast after being inspired by some bigger names in podcasting, and has secured interviews with people like Anna Dickson, the Visual Lead at Google, formerly at The Wall Street Journal and The Huffington Post. Like Mango Street, a highly successful YouTube channel duo with over 1.3 million subscribers.

These are just a few of the amazing interviews she’s been able to do over the last year. And what I love so much about this, is that as a photographer herself, she is ambitiously seeking out relationships and networking opportunities with big names in an intimate way that she wouldn’t be able to accomplish without the podcast.

2. You get to build your brand awareness without “going live”

Honestly, podcasting is PERFECT for introverts. Just ask my client Julie Greenham, host of the Quiet Powerhouse Podcast! Julie is a business coach for introverted entrepreneurs, and she is totally aware of the power of one-on-one conversations vs. big networking events or zoom networking groups! Plus, if you’re an introvert and need to recharge your batteries in solitude like moi, recording several episodes alone is WAY easier than recording interviews one right after another!

Not to mention, the anxiety of going live in a Facebook group or on Instagram are no longer an issue, especially if like me, the idea of going live makes you feel like all your brains will fall out of your head! You can edit your podcast and try again and again if you need to – especially if you’re having an “off” day.

3. When you’re ready to sell something, you’ve got a built in audience

Similarly to your email list, your podcast subscribers that already know and love you will be way more likely to buy from you when you have something to sell to them! My partner Justin Decloux, one of the hosts of The Important Cinema Club, The Bay Street Video Podcast and No Such Thing As A Bad Movie Podcast (and possibly another Star Wars podcast? who knows) – anyway – with the audience he cultivated from all of these podcast, when he launched his boutique blu-ray label Gold Ninja Video, his fans were already on board and his product stock consistently sells out as soon as new titles go live!

And if you think about it, if you listen to a podcaster and you really connect with them – when they’ve launched a product or service were you more likely to pick it up? It’s because they’ve developed that know-trust-like factor with you and you know they’re going to give you high value for your moolah AND that you’re going to like what they’re selling you.

4. You slowly start to believe that you’re as smart as everyone else already knows you are

If you’re like me, this is a tough one. Like I said at the beginning, I still struggle with wondering whether or not my audience actually thinks that what I have to say is of any value to them. Then I see the number of downloads climbing each week and I realize, hey, you’re all in this with me and you DO find value in what I have to say, otherwise you wouldn’t be coming back to my podcast week after week!

Even if it’s a year into your podcast, you will get to the point that you understand on some level that you’re very well versed in your industry or niche, and that you make the world a better place by sharing your knowledge.

5. It’s the easiest way to stay consistent with your content

Even if you don’t post on social media for a week, people still have a way to connect with you. This is especially true if you batch record your episodes far enough in advance that you have everything scheduled several weeks out. It also makes it super easy to go on vacation and just let your voice continue to be present without having to actually be present!

And of course you probably already know this, but I repurpose a lot of my content from my podcast episodes which makes it like, 7 kajillion times easier to be visible on my chosen marketing channels. Email, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram – and hey, just for fun I also repurpose posts for Twitter, LinkedIn and my Google Business page. BECAUSE I CAN! And if nothing else I have that weekly touchpoint with all of the audiences in my world.

So these are my top 5 reasons why you should have a podcast that you’ve probably never considered. And if these helped you to feel inspired to start your own podcast, I’d like you to take the next step with me today. When you take your earbuds out, head over to and get instant access to my mini-course, the Podcast Prep Party.

Usually I offer this mini-course for $37, BUT, I’m going to give you a code to start in on it for $0. Why? Because I love you. But this is only going to be available until February 28, 2021, so make sure you sign up right away! The code is IAMAPODCASTER and I will put all the details in the show notes!

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