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Why You Need A Financial Plan For Your Business

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I’ve got some real sh*t to share with you. And it ain’t pretty.

But it is super fricking empowering.

Since starting my business over 3 years ago, every single year around the same time my world is totally shattered. It’s a pattern. It’s one that I know I fall into, and one I knew darn well I could avoid if I only knew what the h-e-double-hockeysticks to do about it.

Every single year, I got hit with a surprise $10,000 tax bill. Now, I call it a surprise, because I just had no clue what the hell I was doing. I was bringing in revenue, had no problem hitting the 6-figure mark 3 years running, but I didn’t have a financial plan. So when it came time to pay “the man” I was legit fucked.

And it would send me into a downward spiral tailspin everrryyyy singgleeee timeeeeeeughghghghghghghghgh! WHYYYYYY.

But the thing is, I had no idea what the hell to do! So I avoided my biz finances, thinking “oh I’ll just get a big contract and put all of that in my tax savings account and I’ll be totally fine come June when my corporate taxes need to be filed.”


Avoiding the issue just made it worse.

Enter my lovely wonderful financial coach, Melissa Houston to literally save my butt.

I started working with Melissa last fall when I got an email telling a story about someone who had been facing the exact same challenge. I immediately booked a call with her, and basically hired her on the spot to help me get my finances in order.

Pals, my life has been CHANGED ever since! And guess who has more than enough cash stashed to pay the tax bill in two months? THIS GAL.

So here’s what I want you to do. If you’ve been in this position before, or if you’re just starting out and you need to figure out how to set up your biz finance fundamentals, listen to today's episode of The Ultimate Creative Podcast to learn what not to do, because I ask Melissa a LOT of very important questions I wish I'd had the answers to when I got started!


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P.S. Melissa is offering a free training on TODAY, May 4 at 3pm EST which is going to give you the solutions you need to manage your cash, and keep more of it. You work so hard, I would hate to see you leave money on the table if I knew there was something that would completely change your business and your life! Sign up for that right here!

Disclaimer: I receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

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